BSI tub and shower surround panels and accessories are available in BSI Cast Marble or BSI Engineered Marble. Cast marble is available in many tile pattern designs.  Engineered marble is available in smooth panels that provide a stone look similar to that of quartz material. Both options provide an alternative to tile with less maintenance and quicker installation.





BSI Cast Marble is a compression molded, non-porous material.  This material is a blend of polyester resin, catalyst and crushed limestone, and pigments coated with a clear gelcoat formulated to produce a tough, durable, stain resistant, surface. These panels are available in several tile patterns with simulated grout lines, and other design finishes. Cast marble accessories are also available including shelves and shaving footrests.

BSI Cast Marble Product Data Sheet

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BSI Engineered marble is a 3/8” thick, homogenous material with color throughout. This material consists of 92% marble plus pigments and resin. These panels have a smooth, polished finish and are available in a variety of colors to compliment any design.

BSI Engineered Marble Product Data Sheet

Engineered Marble Shower Panel Size Limitations